Now Offering Acupuncture with Meredith E.

Acupuncture originated in China around 3,500 years ago and remains one of the oldest, most commonly used systems of healing in the world. Meredith combines her many years of experience as a Massage Therapist and Acupuncture knowledge to create a natural pathway for better health and wellness in a calm, peaceful environment.  

60 Minute Acupuncture

Introductory price until 12/31/19


60 Minute Acupuncture & Bodywork

Acupuncture combined with therapeutic massage therapy, cupping or gua sha.

Introductory price until 12/31/19


Community Acupuncture with Tibetan Foot Soak

Join us for out first community acupuncture session.  Rest your feet in an herbal bath designed to detox the body and improve digestion while receiving acupuncture to boost the immune system and calm the mind.   A perfect way to balance the body before the holidays!  Includes complimentary tea and infused water.  Plus! Leave with a crystal ear seed.

Limited to 8 participants.

Registration required.